Question: the reason of global warming and is there a strong chance of it happening


  1. Global warming IS happening.
    Every bit of CO2 and methane we put in the atmosphere is helping to insulate the planet. the contributions of 7 billion people add up.
    As we insulate the planet we allow the same amount of light in, but less loong wave radiation (heat) out. Thus the planet warms.
    I am involved with a monitoring station off Tasmania where the sea water has warmed 1.8 degrees in sixty years, no conspiracy theory, no faceless men, people I know collect and measure the temperature. It is going up.


  2. Nice answr Simon, I agree


  3. Yep, Simon is totally right. GLOBAL WARMING IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW. I can’t reiterate that enough with people. We know it’s happening and we are the reason it is happening so fast. We have to stop polluting the air with CO2… it’s the only solution and we can do it 🙂 We just have to act fast.