Question: Why is the universe expanding faster and faster?

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  1. Gravity.
    It is my understanding that….
    As everything moves further and further apart the gravitational effect between object is reducing allowing them to move away faster. Not my area of expertise, I am sure google has the full answer.


  2. Well, its actually something that we don’t have a full explanation for – but there appears to be a sort of pressure (an anti-gravity force).

    Since Einstein and Hubble we always thought that the universe started in a big bang – everything suddenly appeared. It was unimaginably hot and moving very fast. As it cooled, the gravity slowed down the expansion. For years we argued about whether there was enough stuff in the universe to slow down the expansion too much – forcing everything to collapse in a big crunch.

    But then, some astronomers (one of them was an Aussie team, led by brian Schmidt measured the expansion and found out that we were all wrong. The universe is expanding faster and faster, because of an kind of anti-gravity. But we still don’t really know why….which is kinda cool


  3. I thought that the universe was expanding because we are still in the explosion part of the Big Bang… But I think Elizabeth is right that we are still researching this and there is no explination yet.


  4. This is a great question and it is why science is so exciting. It seems counter-intuitive, strange and weird that the universe is accelerating in its expansion, so we have to ask WHY? Definitely seems as though scientists are still trying to figure this one out entirely, so we’ll have to wait and see!