Question: 50 years from now, what do you think scientist will be working on?

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  1. Optimistic answer: How we can reduce the energy footprint of each individual in the global 8 billion population whilst maintaining and enhancing quality of life, particularly for the increasing population in the over 100 age group.
    Pessimistic answer: How humanity can survive in a world we have changed so drastically that it is danger of not supporting human life.


  2. I agree with Simon. There are so many amazing things that scientists could be working on in the future, but it depends on whether we can sort out our energy and environmental problems in the present. These are the most urgent problems and if we can deal with them I hope that we’ll be exploring space a little more!


  3. Same as Simon I have two answers:

    Optimistic answer: Improving renewable energy sources further to make them even more efficient and more environmentally friendly and cheaper. Further increasing fish and wildlife populations to what they were 200 – 500 years ago.

    Pessimistic answer: Spend a large amount of money creating a synthetic fish in the lab to replace the ones we’ve killed off in the oceans? Create foods that will grow in drought ridden soils. Improving desalination technology so we can drink sea water at a lower cost.


  4. I think we will still be studing the same things, just in more detail with new technology and equipment. I’m reading a book written by Ray Lancaster (he worked with Darwin and Huxley) it was written in 1905. He talks about the natural environment deing destroyed and how we need t protect it. That was over 100 years ago and we still haven’t got the balence right.

    So i think we will still be working on the environment… just with better equipment.