Question: Are there many unknown species of invertebrates in Australia?

  1. There are many unknown species of invertebrates across the globe, so there are probably many more to discover in Australia. There are way more invertebrates on the planet than vertebrates and most of these are insects (small and often difficult to see!). This was one of the reasons that I studied entomology (bugs) because I wanted to help to identify new and interesting species.


  2. Yes Blaire is right. There are lots of new species to find in Australia. Also there are so many groups of invertebrate, but not enough scientist to study them all. If you wanted to be a taxonomist there would be new species you could name.


  3. Every time you bring a bucket of water up from the deep there is a high probability it will contain something new to science. And if we go small and look at the microbial domain, new things are being discovered almost every single day. The challenge is to lump up this complexity into a meaningful conceptual model that allows you to make sense of the diversity.