Question: What is the Prison Baobab tree

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  1. It’s a massive tree up in a place called Derby in the Kimberley region of Australia (northwest). The tree is believed to be around 1,500 years old and is an incredible 14 metres in circumference!!! With its hollow centre and door cut into its side, the Prison Tree was once used by early police patrols as a staging point for prisoners being walked into Derby.

    Today, the tree is a registered Aboriginal Site and is of cultural significance to local tribes. It was a great tree to visit! (as you probably saw from my photo)



  1. That is verry interesting
    did you go inside and if so
    What does it look like


  2. I didn’t go inside because you aren’t allowed. It is fenced off to protect the values of the local indigenous people and because of the history behind prisoners being kept inside. I think it would look pretty interesting though. I’ve never been inside a big tree!


  3. OK We will just have to use our immaginations 🙂 :0