Question: How come when your in a car for example, the things that are closest to you from outside it seems that you pass them faster but things further away seem slower?

  1. Great question!
    It’s because of something called motion parallax. Basically how fast things appear to move depends on the viewing angle. As you move along a road the triangle between your start and end location and the close objects is fatter (has wider angle) then the angle between you and far objects.
    You can test this. Hold both index fingers up in front of your eyes, one in front of the other. Close your right eye, then open it and close your left. As you ‘move’ from one eye to the other can you see how the close finger moves more? This is because there is a bigger angle between that finger and your eye.
    Basically your brain reads this as the close object moving faster even though its not.

    Great question and great observation


  2. Elizabeth is right. It can be fun playing tricks on your own brain too….


  3. I love the finger example @Elizabeth! It is a nice reminder that as humans, we are viewing the world in a specifically human way. Like @Shona said, when you understand this, you can play tricks on your own brain, like the Frankfurter illusion!



  1. That’s weird how it looks like your fingers moving but it not!


  2. LOL,,, that one is great two Blaire


  3. Does it also have something to do with your eyes being able to adjust quicker to see things further away because there is more to look at?