Question: how many baby rabbits over 10 months will an adult rabbit have? thankyou for the chat it was fun

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  1. Hi turtleman007,

    I had pet rabbits when I was a kid and I remember that they had soooooooo many babies. We gave them away to friends and family and even to pet-shops. The most babies that my rabbit ever gave birth to at once was 8, but I think it can be anywhere from 1-12 for your average rabbit breed.

    A rabbit’s gestation period (from when the babies are formed in the womb until birth) is 31 days and the female can fall pregnant while she is still weaning a litter. That means that she could be pregnant 9 times in a 10 month period (about 300 days). So an adult rabbit could have anywhere between 9 to 108 babies in this time. That’s my guess anyway!



  1. WOW! If you were to sell all 108 of the baby rabbits then you would make a huge profit!
    @turtleman007 @blaire


  2. @isla12321 That’s as long as everyone keeps wanting to buy little baby rabbits! I think they can be hard to get rid of sometimes, so in that case you have a lot of little mouths to feed!


  3. Thank you blaire hope you win the money


  4. @blaire the reason i asked this question is because we have a farm with plenty of wild rabbits on it and they just over take it.


  5. yeah! It’s so annoying that you need a licence to keep rabbits! @blaire