Question: do you know what is the fastest thing in the world

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  1. Hi moshimonster09,

    Light is the fastest thing in the universe. It travels about 300,000,000 metres per second. That means it could circle the Earth more than seven times in one second!

    If you’re talking about animals though, cheetahs are the fastest on land. They can get up to about 100 kilometres per hour!! Check out this video of a cheetah breaking her record –

    Peregrine falcons seem to be the fastest animal in the air. They can fly (dive down through the sky) at about 290 kilometres per hour. Watch

    We can go pretty fast ourselves in planes and cars though, but not at the speed of light!


  2. Blaire is right the fastest thing in our universe (as we know now) is light.

    Humans are always trying to brake the records for the fastest land speed, fastest plane. Only last year a man floated up to the edge of space in a special ballon and jumped out with a parachute back down to Earth. He broke the speed of sound at about 1,225 kilometres/ hour!!!! Pritty amazing….