Question: if you could travel back in time to any point of time to see a perticular scientist what time would you go back to?

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  1. I would go back to 1972 -1976 and meet the scientist on the Challanger Exhibition. This exibition which sailed on the HMS Challanger is considered one of the greatest marine surveys. They travelled over 130,000 km surveying and exploring the greatest depths of the ocean. As the first true oceanographic survey, the Challenger expedition laid the groundwork for an entire academic and research area of marine studies.

    I would love to work with the scientis on this survey and to see the marine habitats back then would be great.


  2. Travel back to any point in time, to meet any scientist!! Man oh man…. that is a hard question!

    Hmmm, well if I have to choose, it would be cool to go back to 1824 and meet William Buckland. He was the first person to scientifically describe a dinosaur – Megalosaurus. People had probably been finding dinosaur bones for centuries – that’s where we think stories of dragons and giants originated from, but to be the first person to realise that they were an extinct group of animals would be pretty mind-blowing for back then. The fact that there used to be these huge lizard-like creatures, plodding around the Earth just fascinates me. It has since I was four years old…

    Otherwise, I’d go back to meet Agnodice in 300 BC. She was a successful doctor who dressed as a man because at the time it was illegal for woman to practice medicine. I’d love to ask her how she felt about it all. It would also be interesting to see how good her disguise was!


  3. Archimedes, Aristotle, Galileo. These men found patrons to support their quest for knowledge and managed to infer remarkable things from very little direct evidence. I would love to know how xceptional they really were.


  4. I would love to have a conversation with Charles Darwin or Gregor Mendell! Just to see what they were thinking when they were doing their research. It would be pretty cool to have been aboard the HMS Beagle with Darwin when he went sailing around the Pacific. I wonder what Australia would have looked like back in the 1830’s!!



  1. Oh no. That doesn’t sound good