Question: what happened at school? were you ever picked on for being different

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  1. This week is No-Bulling week. This is a good topic to talk about.

    I went to bording school and I was pick on very badly, because I had an accent and I was from South Africa. For about 6 months I had to go to dinner and breakfast on my own because no one would sit with me, there was a lot of bulling in the dormatory.

    That was a long time ago… The way I got away from the bulling, (My Mum told me this) was I started doing extra-activities, I joined the Photography club, I did netball for one year, I was in the adventure club, and I did swimming. All these things, epecially the photography got me out of the dorm, so I was not around for the other kids to pick on me. I also made new friends in the clubs I was with, and eventually the bullies forgot about me….

    No one should be bullied at school, if you are being bullied or picked on you should talk to your parents or teacher.


  2. Shona is right about bullying. No one should have to be bullied at school, or work for that matter, so make sure you tell someone if you’re the victim.

    I was definitely bullied for being in the school band and even generally just for being a good student. I think I dealt with it the way Shona did. I was involved in lots of extra-curricular activities, so I had friends in lots of different groups who accepted me for who I am. I was also just too busy to let it bother me too much. I think there will always be people who will judge you for the way that you are, so the best thing to do is just own it and accept and love yourself. I am proud to be a nerd!


  3. That’s great advice Shona.

    I wasn’t really bullied at school. I was very quiet so I think I slipped under the radar a bit.


  4. At school I played rugby, joined the walking club, scouts, all the normal things. I thought I wanted to be a Naval Officer. It was only there that I realised that I should do something different.


  5. I wasn’t really bullied at school. I had the odd nasty person saying bad things about me occasionally but nothing excessive.

    However, there were other people in my school who were picked on quite a bit, who I am still friends with now and they found that after high school, in university, everything changes. All of a sudden its cool to be different and its cool to be intelligent. So once they left high school they had tons of friends and were considered ‘cool’.

    The thing to remember is that usually bullies are bullying because they themselves are insecure and maybe even jealous. So it makes them feel better about themselves by putting other people down. I am not making excuses for them because bullying is wrong and there are no excuses. But what I’m saying is once you leave school the bully’s ‘friends’ will realise that bullys aren’t nice people and will distance themselves from them. So the bully ends up with no friends. Because who wants to hang around with someone who’s nasty and got nothing nice to say?
    I have seen this happen with people who I used to go to school with. The bullys end up not having many friends and the people who were bullied end up with loads of friends and seem to end up with better jobs too. Maybe because they’re paying more attention to their school work instead of making other people feel miserable!



  1. Wow,I feel really bad for you Shona 🙁


  2. Aww thanks Jcubo3, Its not good to let bulling effect the way we live. The kids I went to school with, just didn’t understand what was happeing in south africa and they stereotyped me.

    Once I started doing all the activities after school, I met other kids that excepted me for who i was, then i had freinds to go to dinner and breakfast with. Jennifer is right, once I got into Gr 12 and University then everything changes and being different is excepted more.


  3. a few years ago at my old school i was picked on every day the only place i felt safe was at home


    • That’s awful Grumbles. I hope you are much happier now at your new school. Remember what I said in my post! After high school everything changes! Life gets much easier because adults are more tolerant of peoples differences. and what goes around comes around! bullies never prosper! 🙂