Question: do you like the country or the city? why?

  1. I like the country,,,, it is really nice to wake up with cow munching the grass by your window, or to site and watch the sunset with birds flying around. There is more wildlife in the country, and the air is cleaner.


  2. I am a country by at heart, I like big open spaces, but I also like the “convenience” of a small city. Hobart is perfect for me. I am an urbanite! Commute to work by kayak, bike or car depending on kids school, work commitments, etc. Go to the orchestra or for a walk in the bush or on the beach in the evening. Is this heaven?


  3. I honestly love both!! I love the country to really enjoy nature and the quiet sounds of rivers, animals and the wind. That’s why I love to go camping, but I live right in the city of Melbourne. I love the multiculturalism of this city. There are great restaurants with foods from all over the world, there are museums and art galleries and there is always something new to try!


  4. I grew up in a city in the UK so I am used to busy places. So I don’t mind cities and I like the hustle and bustle and going for drinks with friends or shopping and eating out in restaurants, etc. However, sometimes I get really sick of the city and so I need to escape to the countryside to have some peace. I think that’s why I really like living in Adelaide because its busy enough so there’s always something to do and you can go to the city center for hustle and bustle and city living but then you only have to drive like 20 minutes and your in the hills and its quiet and peaceful there so I get the best of both worlds. You can’t get that kind of serenity so close to the city in cities in the UK. You have to drive for ages to get anywhere peaceful!