Question: Does pollution affect the ozone?

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  1. Yes, some types of pollution more than others. certain gasses destroy the ozone hence the ban on CFC’s a few years ago they were just another form of pollution, that specifically destroyed the ozone layer.


  2. Yes Simon is right, there are chemicals that destroy the ozone.

    there was talk a few years ago about making ozone and pumping it into the air to save the ozone layer. but ozone is very toxic to human, it can cause lung disease and problems with breathing like asthma, and eventually death. Ozone molecules are three oxygen atoms joined in one molecule, which is different to the oxygen we breath with is only two oxygen atoms joined together. Ozone can be produce when some fossil fuels are burnt. Ozone at ground level is considered a very dangerous pollution.


  3. Shona and Simon are right dmath56. CFC’s (chloroflurocarbons) are the main culprit. They used to be used in fridges and aerosol cans, but I’m certain that there use has been banned in these products because of the damage they have done to the ozone layer.

    General smog isn’t too much of the problem for the ozone layer, but it’s a problem in climate change as it traps the heat inside our atmosphere.



  1. so what will happen if it effects it to much?