Question: Hey Guys, Just want to apologise on behalf of my peers for our rowdy behaviour! We were just having some fun! hope it didn't hurt or irritate you guys too much. Good luck in the competition! xxxxxxxx

  1. Hi oliviabreuer

    It’s good of you all to have the courage to apologise. It is an important thing to be able to do. I’m having lots of fun too, as I’m sure all the scientist are. I’m not hurt or irritated….


  2. Hi oliviabreuer,

    I haven’t noticed any particularly bad behaviour, so no worries! That’s why we have our ‘moddervise’, so if anyone is being too silly or hurtful, we don’t even see the comment! As Shona said though, it is a really important thing to be able to apologise, so thank you for the important gesture 🙂