Question: If nothing was decomposed in the world what would happen?

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  1. As decomposition is undertaken by bacteria it would indicate that there were no bacteria in the worl, as multicellular life on this planet is dependent on bacteria for significant function, lie digestion of food, there would be no multicellular life. Oh! That would mean without decomposition and the things that cause it Earth would just be a watery lifeless planet.


  2. Yeah, Simon is right. First of all, if there was suddenly no bacteria to decompose things, there would be a lot of dead stuff EVERYWHERE. But, as Simon said (haha Simon said), our planet depends on bacteria for lots of things. Humans wouldn’t survive for very long because we rely on bacteria inside our own bodies to break down food and dead cells. The whole world would be nothing without bacteria. Bacteria rocks!


  3. They other scientist are right…

    There are a lot of invertebrates that help bacteria with the decomposition process by eating dead things and braking the material into even smaller pieces for the bacteria, like earthworms and sea cucumbers. but without bacteria these animals would not be around to do their work either…. bacteria are really important.


  4. Yep yep! No bacteria = No life!