Question: Is it ever possible that the UV levels could reach over twenty, if so how would this affect us?


  1. The UV index is just that, an Index. So it can be whatever number it likes, it is unitless. So yes one day it could read 20 or above, that would pretty much mean that if you went outside, your skin would burn within five minutes.
    Fot this to happen we would probably have to lose the OZone layer and half the upper Atmosphere, so I think the UV index at that point would be the least of our problems.


  2. Simon is right. The UV index has been created by us, so we could extend it up to 100 if we wanted to. The Bureau of Meterology recently had to add the colours purple and pink to their temperature maps because temperatures went above 50 degrees Celcius in some parts of Australia –

    I agree that if it got that high, we’d have other concerns.


  3. Yes Simon and Blaire are right