Question: my friend when he farts it smell like a nuclear blast coming from his bum whit is the cause of this problem

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  1. This is a very interesting description…

    In our big intestine, we have a huge amount of bacteria that help us digest things that our stomach can’t, like plant material (vegies.. etc). the bacteria also help keep our digestive tract clean and health, by not allowing bad bacteria that can make us sick from growing.

    All these bacteria are feeding on the digested food we have eaten, and the main waste product that they produce is methane, hydrogen and carbon dioxide. So depending on the type of food you eat, and the type of bacteria our farts can smell different.

    For example, people who are lactose-intolerant have stopped making the enzyme that breaks down the sugar lactose in dairy product (milk, cheese, yogurt). So when they eat these dairy products, the lactose sugar passes through the stomach and into the large intestine. Here the bacteria go crazy because of all the suger for them to eat, and they reproduce in high numbers, which equals large amounts of gas and farts. I’m not saying that your friend is lactose-intolerant. It is just one of the examples of how our farts can be different.

    You will never stop producing gas, it is a natural process of our bodies. I do think that we get use to the smell of our own gas, which is never as bad as other peoples gas… 🙂


  2. Remarkable, I have never smelt a nuclear blast nor known anyone who has survived one. What was it like?


  3. @ jackylegs Gross! But secondly, that sounds dangerous! If your friend is creating nuclear explosions we should get him quarantined immediately! He is a threat to national security!

    Shona is right though. Our diet is responsible for how stinky our farts are. Tell your friend to start eating more fresh vegetables and fruits!


  4. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!! He must be eating something that disagrees with him! my husband does nuclear farts after eating lamb roast. hahaha. He will kill me for saying that!
    Better out than in I suppose!



  1. @jackylegs does your friend know you asked that????


  2. Does Your friend know you asked that? Don’t you think he would be embarrassed? That’s a little bit mean don’t you think?!


    • We don’t know his name and we have no idea what @jackylegs real name is, so I think it’s ok 🙂


  3. LOL @simon and Blaire’s comments….