Question: What species are affected by pollution?

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  1. The whole of the earths ecosystem is effected by pollution.


  2. Hi swagg1379,

    Simon is right. The Earth is one big ecosystem, so pollution of any kind could affect certain species, but this will affect other species indirectly as everything is connected. For example, industrial chemicals that leak out of factories into our soil will affect plants growing in those soils and possibly contaminate them. Any animals that eat these plants will become contaminated too and will pass on the contamination to any bigger animals that eat them. When these animals die, the chemicals will go back into the soil (depending on the type of chemical as some break down more easily than others). It’s the circle of life and pollution affects us all.


  3. Some species are more sensitive to pollution that others but Simon and Blaire are right. Pollution affects every living thing on the planet in some way or another because we are all connected.


  4. The other scientist are right, all living life can be affected by pollution.



  1. Thankyou for answering my question!