Question: Are humans an apex predator?

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  1. Well the definition of an apex predator is an animal who, as an adult, has no natural predators in its ecosystem. So yes, I suppose we are an apex predator.

    If we hadn’t invented guns and spears etc and hadn’t learnt to hunt in teams then we wouldnt be considered an apex predator because bears, lions, tigers, wolves, etc could quite easily kill us in hand to hand combat. However, we have evolved big brains we have invented weapons which have allowed our species to become the most deadliest species on the planet.


  2. We are the ultimate Apex Predator. We substituted thinking for strength, grace and speed. Being an apex predator doesn’t mean you won’t get eaten just that you do most of the eating.
    I am an omnivore, I eat meat and other stuff (even salad), I have eaten chicken, cow, pig, sheep, these are herbivores and omnivores. When I eat fish, I am eating predominantly carnivorous fish, salmon, mackeral, shark, etc.
    The reason we do’t eat carnivorous land animals is that we have hunted most to levels that are endangered.