Question: Do you know any dinosaurs that are cannibals?

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  1. It is expected that cannibalism was common amongst dinosaurs.
    Scientists discovered that Tyranosaurus rex ate other T. rex’s. They discovered this after finding T. rex bones with bite marks matching the size and shape of T. rex teeth. This is firm evidence that one T. rex individual was feeding on another. What we don’t know is whether this was a result of T. rex hunting other T. rex or just scavenging. Maybe it only ate T. rex carcasses that had already died. But either way Tyrannosaurus was indeed a cannibal. Fossils of other dinosaur species have also been found to have bite marks from its own species. Majungasaurus bones found in Madagascar had bite marks of other Majungasaaurus’s on them. Majungasaurus is a very distant relative of T. rex, but it was also a top predator in its ecosystem.

    It is likely that cannibalism was widespread among carnivorous dinosaurs because we know that many living mammals and reptiles eat members of their own species. Most often though, cannibalism is a last-ditch option during times of drought, the winter months, or other times when other food options are scarce and the animals are eating already dead members of their own species.


  2. Oh come on!
    I am not that old! The last of the dinosaurs died out even before my mum was born!
    There are plenty of cannibals alive today. Most omnivorous fish do not differentiate between sources of protein. If it looks like food, smells like food, Yummmm it is food