Question: Is the world going to end and if it is going to when will it happen?


  1. The world wont “end”. What could happen (dont worry not in your life time) is our species (humans) could go extinct. The earth can only sustain so many of us (there are limited food and water resources) and we keep treating the planet badly. However, even if humans went extinct other organisms would still be here. I think bacteria could survive pretty much anything so they will always be here!

    I doubt the human race would go extinct though. We are a very intellegent animal so I think atleast a few of us would survive if anything catastrophic happened. We would have to start from scratch though. Hunting our own food searching for water, etc.

    It is nothing you (or anyone) should worry about though. Just live your life and enjoy it!


  2. If I had the answer to that I would make millions on the stock market, I would have perfect foresight.

    However I don’t so we have to play the game of probability and assess the risk.
    Now risk is made up of two parts. 1) The size of the hazard . 2) the chance of it occurring.

    A couple of weeks ago a small meteorite entered the earth’s atmosphere over a place in Russia and exploded. In the early 1900’s a large meteorite entered the earth’s atmosphere over Russia and exploded. The one a couple of weeks ago broke thousands of windows with its explosion, the one 100 years ago (google Tunguska) knocked over 80 million trees.

    Here in Tasmania I have visited a crater from a meteorite that hit planet earth 750,000 years ago and I have some of the glass from the crater here at home.

    So probably the biggest hazard to planet earth suddenly not existing (as a habitable planet) is being hit by a space rock. The hazard is taken seriously enough by NASA that they monitor for object that may approach earth (google spaceweather and look at the bootom of the page you find for a recent list). The size of the hazard is LARGE (ok huge), but based on the evidence of rocks in space and recent impacts the probability of a rock large enough to obliterate earth coming our way is infinitesimally (very, very, very) small. So you can sleep easily. They make great hollywoood movies tho’