Question: Why are sweet foods more appealing to humans than sour, spicy or tart.

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  1. My guess is we have evolved to prefer sweet foods because sweet foods are calorie-rich and can quickly be converted into energy. Tens of thousands of years ago when humans were first evolving the individuals which preferred and therefore seeked out the sugary sweet foods had an edge. This is because sugar gives a quick and high energy boost, so desiring, locating and consuming sugar-rich food could mean the difference between quickly out-maneuvering a predator, keeping warm during a cold night or bearing healthy children. We also needed long term fat stores too thus why we also crave fatty protein rich foods such as meat. As these are more long term energy stores. Our closest living relatives, the chimpanzees, have been filmed concocting creative ways to brave beehives to reach the sweet honey inside. So it is not just us that crave sweet sugary foods! 🙂


  2. Again, great job Jennifer.
    This is where our evolutionary past and our manufacturing present are at odds with healthy eating.
    Pre farming and our ability to gather more food than we needed it was a success measure to fill up and get fat on sugar, especially as fruits, etc. appeared in the autumn, pre-winter. Now a propensity to eat sugary stuff can result in obesity and and other health issues.