Question: Why do humans have such sensitive emotions?

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  1. We have evolved over thousands of years in very close-knit social settings. This has ensured our success as a species because we help one another and support one another as we work in groups to stay alive. Just yje same as lions working in prides and wolves in packs and chimps in social groups. Therefore Is it very important for us to be able to read each others emotions. If we couldnt read each others emotions we wouldnt know how to behave appropriately around one another and would annoy one another and that wouldnt lead to a very successful group as we would all want to kill one another! By reading each others emotions we can tell if someone wants to be left alone or if we are annoying them or if they are happy and want to play. Which leads to a happy and successful group. ‘Sensitive’ emotions and the ability to read one anothers emotions are a very important behavoural adaptation to social animals.

    However, other animals also experience emotions for example if you own a dog you will know when your dog is happy or sad, and theyre not even the same species as us! I guess emotions evolved because without them we wouldnt be able to tell if someone was about to hurt us or cuddle us!


  2. Cheesecake, you are asking all the awkward questions 🙂
    I really don’t know, but will guess that…..
    emotions allow us to work together as a social unit. they allow us to care for (or not) other individuals, increase social bonds and work as a team. It is a key evolutionary trait to our success, our ability to care for more than me and identify with a larger group.