Simon Allen

Photo: Simon

Me and my Work: Leading a team of scientists dedicated to understanding Australia’s coastal environment

Status: Shocked to have made it to the final two! Worried I might win :-) Still trying to juggle project finances, but today also dreaming up new projects! That is always fun.

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Shona Marks

Photo: Shona

Me and my Work: I collect and identify invertebrates (animals without a back-bone) from aqautic habitats to see how healthy or polluted an ecosystem is. I specialise in marine habitats (oceans, beaches and mudflats) and freshwater habitats (creeks, rivers and dams).

Status: Aww I'm out. It was a blast!!! good luck to the other scientist

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Jennifer L. A. Shaw

Photo: Jenny

Me and my Work: I ensure our rivers and drinking waters are healthy and clean for us to enjoy by looking at the bacteria and microscopic animals in the water by sequencing their DNA!

Status: Can't believe I won! So happy right now! Thanks to everyone who voted for me! I will be giving the prize money to an amazing charity called 'Room to Read'. They help children from impoverished communities in Africa, Asia and India reach good levels of literacy by providing textbooks in their language, teachers to teach them how to read and build schools in some of the poorest communities. Check out the amazing work the do at

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Elizabeth Stark

Photo: Elizabeth

Me and my Work: I use statistics to describe how the environment changes over time and to test whether it’s being impacted by us humans.

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Blaire Dobiecki

Photo: Blaire

Me and my Work: I travel around Australia, talking to people about emerging technologies (e.g. genetically modified foods, nanotechnology, etc…) and getting them to think critically about the consequences of that technology.

Status: Hope I don't get evicted today! It's so scary waiting to find out!

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