Question: Do you do sports if so which one?

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  1. I go mountain biking a lot but thats about it. I used to do hockey in high school and was district champion at high jump and represented my school in the long jump and hurdles and the relay team. But I dont do much sports nowadays. I do scuba diving, swimming, snorkelling and mountain biking to keep fit but I dont enter any sporting competitions or anything anymore.

    My fave sport to watch is rugby league (NRL) but I would never play it myself! Its too dangerous!


  2. Oh, A fair few.
    I love both mountain and water sports. Paragliding is my favourite. My profile picture is of me at 2500m above Myrtleford on the edge of the Victorian Alps. This weekend I am walking along the coast in Tassie with a bunch of scouts, we will be sleeping in swags. Both Josh (11) and Rachel(13), my children will be coming along. Last weekend saw us as a family surfing at Park Beach, Tas. I am the eternal grommet at surfing, but really enjoy it. I am a better kayak surfer!
    Recently I have taken up Archery with my son, we find it a good way to focus and chat.
    Orienteering I really enjoy, but unfortunately both the children are way better than me, both winning various state and regional events. I just go along to show them there is no problem in coming last!