Question: Why do we have so many animals in our universe but none are yet discovered? Also how can these animals help us scientifly help us/

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  1. Currently we have only positively identified life on planet earth. This is not remarkable as the universe is pretty huge and the gaps between stars so large that it is unlikely we will ever detect a civilization that has progressed as far as we have as radio waves from their planet would take a long time to get here. SETI is still looking though and I have great respect for them.


  2. Hi arvarose77,

    I’m not sure what you mean exactly, but I think you’re asking why we haven’t discovered any other animals in our universe? Well, we haven’t even discovered all the species on our own planet, so we should definitely continue to work on that. The undiscovered species on our own planet are likely to help us in medicine and teach us how to build useful machines (this is called biomimicry), so we need taxonomists to keep looking for them!

    The universe is a really big place, so it is very likely that there are some kind of animals out there. We don’t have fast enough spaceships or good enough technology to search the whole universe for them! They could be really similar to us, or maybe very alien-like. We just don’t know. I agree with Simon that SETI is a great program that is trying to get in contact with alien life.


  3. There might be other animals on other planets we have found, but we cant get there to discover them…

    I think if we did find another planet with life it would really help us understand how animals evolve and adapt to their environment.