Shona Marks

Aww I'm out. It was a blast!!! good luck to the other scientist

Favourite Thing: I love finding new species and giving them scientific names. At the moment I’m working on a group of worms called Pilargidae. There are about 30 new species that we have found in Northern Australia and Queensland. I have a few scientific hobbies that I enjoy.




Work History:


Current Job:

I mostly do taxonomy, which is finding the scientific name for the animals I collect. Being Director of Benthic Australia I also have to run all the other parts of the company.

Me and my work

I collect and identify invertebrates (animals without a back-bone) from aqautic habitats to see how healthy or polluted an ecosystem is. I specialise in marine habitats (oceans, beaches and mudflats) and freshwater habitats (creeks, rivers and dams).



My Typical Day

I have two typical days. I can be out in the field collecting animals or in the office.

What I'd do with the money

I would donate $500 to the RSPCA and $500 to the Save the Bilby Fund.

My Interview

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