Question: How come food webs are so complex?

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  1. because ecosystems are very complex. There are a lot of animals, plants, bacteria, fungi and other creatures living in the ecosystem. They all feed on something and usually have someone else that wants to eat them…


  2. And it’s kinda a good thing that they are complex. A simple food web would mean that there wer few animals, or that everything was competing to feed on only a few things (which would soon run out). Lots of compexity means there is room for lots of biodiversity and species can find a niche and survive


  3. Hi awesomegal03,

    That’s a great question. One of the things that scientists have realised about the universe and our environment is that over time, things seem to become more complex. It is almost like a natural law. Food webs were far less complex when there was only bacterial life forms on our planet, but as life evolved over time, these food webs became more and more complex.


  4. Food webs complex?
    Have you ever tried to draw a human food chain for a Macdonald’s hamburger? If you include all the equipment and where it came from, the supply chain, etc. it is way more complicated than those found in nature. But to answer your question.
    Lots of creatures have evolved to fill little niches in ecosystems, one man’s waste is another man’s treasure is never so true as when looking at the steps in the food chain