Question: Have you made any new scientific discoveries or non scientific discoveries in your line of work!!!!!!!!


  1. I haven’t made any new scientific discoveries because I am no longer doing research, but I have discovered that students ask some pretty interesting questions. Keep up the good work!


  2. 🙂 yes they do Blaire… I’ve only discovered new species of worms. When I did my masters of philosophy degree I found that in the Gulf of Carpentaria (northern Australia) worms prefer to live in sediment with high sand grains, they don’t like to live in sediment with a lot of mud or clay… Not sure why this is yet… maybe the mud is to thick for them to move in…


  3. I discovered that 90% of the fish species used in frozen fish fingers in the UK are classed as endangered or over-exploited species. They don’t label the packet with information about what fish species are used and so the customer can’t know whether they are making a good choice or not.
    Which means that companies that sell fish fingers and don’t label the packet are not looking after our oceans and may be causing certain fish species to go extinct.

    I also did a survey of mangrove forests in Zanzibar in Africa and discovered that the mangrove
    forests had been cut down over vast areas. This was important as there hadn’t been a survey done there since the 1930’s and so it was shocking to discover the extent of the destruction which no one even knew about.


  4. They are cool discoveries Shona and Jennifer. I haven’t discovered much new either because I don’t work in research. I just look for new ways to use these new discoveries from day to day.



  1. That is very interesting, Shona the fact that you discovered a new species of worms! What is it called? Jennifer, it is also interesting that you discovered the fact about that fish! I hope to find out more about those topics in science at school.