Question: Have you ever worked or at least met any famous scientist in your line of work? Who?

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  1. I haven’t worked with any famous scientists or even really met any REALLY famous ones, but I have seen some pretty important scientists give public lectures. I saw Brian Schmidt last year (he has a really cute webpage by the way! He jointly won the 2011 Nobel Prize in Physics, which is a very esteemed award to win! I’ve also seen David Suzuki speak. He is a very important environmental activist and science communicator.

    I hope to see David Attenborough later this year if I can get tickets as he is one of my all-time heroes. I would love to go up and speak with these people, but I am usually too star-struck and nervous. You don’t want to say something stupid in front of one of the world’s best scientists!


  2. Yes I have meet some famous Scientist.

    I was in Borneo on Holiday and I arrived at this small resort on the edge of a river. There was a man doing some type of Bird Survey on the edge of the creek, when we introduce ourselves it was Jared Diamond!! one of the leading scientist and authors of Human ecology and evolution. He wrote the book The Third Chimpanzee and Guns, Germs, and Steel. We had dinner with him that night it was very interesting to talk to him.

    I have also met Tim Flannery and his Mum at a VIP Australia day function. He was very friendly and interesting to talk to as well.

    I’ve also met other scientist who are more famous in the scientific community because of the work they have done. I met Pam Pocklington, who has done a lot of work using polycheates as indicator species for pollution. So using the type of worms living in an area you can predict the type of pollution that might be effecting the area and do more specific studies to find the pollutions in water or soil tests.


  3. I met Brian Schmidt when I was at uni. He taught a group of us to use the research telescopes at Siding Springs and how to analyse the data afterwards.


  4. Yes, I am really lucky to work at CSIRO Marine Laboratories, we have a visiting scientist program so they come through all the time. I have worked with Bob Ballard, who discovered the Titanic. Worked with explorers and inventors along the way.


  5. Not yet!!